ROBOT CAT: Architect, Interior Designer, Wine Connoisseur, Traveller, Listen to Jazz,

Robot Cat at Home

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    My name is Kay Chui, chinese & live in Hong Kong…I’m interior Designer & work in KFC…sometimes to search some KFC interior design photos for references…& I saw many nice KFC pictures in you blog…thanks!!!

    keep in touch!!!


  2. Mr. An I’m looking for a contract of employment, Mr. I hope you help Sir, I am married and I have 2 Children and help my family, poor mother and father’s sisters ask your assistant, Mr. I’m working restaurant manager and currency scoop Assistant Director in the four-star hotel and I speak English and French and a few only Spanish and I have a license I want to work driving anything sir Please help me get out of the hell of poverty and my family and I accept the Respect and appreciate and thank you, Mr. esteemed and am cooking thank you so much

  3. Very professional. Great photographs. I like your style. I am impressed. (But it’s way beyond my capabilities!)

  4. Other places in the US/Canada to check out….one of my favorite cities-Baltimore, MD, Olympic Peninsula in WA, BANFF in British Columbia. The later 2 are great hiking places and amazing scenery. Wonderful for photography. 🙂

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