A New Idea for Gardening- Adopt a Wild Plant

I have noticed how wild plants and weeds spring up by themselves in my planter bed every now and then. Instead of pulling them out as I normally do, I have now decided to pot and group them together. Somehow, they become nice specimens to look at, I don’t have to buy them and they are hardy too! I have now invented a new concept of gardening I call – Adopt a Wild Plant.

Denmark- The Happiest Country on Earth

Why is it that survey results in the past 30 years shows that Denmark is the happiest nation in the world? Well, the country has a very high standard of living and good quality of life, it is also eco friendly, that 36% of people cycle to work. You don’t see homeless or jobless people in the streets. If you are unemployed, its Government pays you 90% of your last salary for four years ! I saw many parents stroll with their new bown in big trams/strollers, some with more than one babies in them. Happy families make babies.With such beautiful apartments, who wouldn’t be happy?