Grand Place. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the Capital of Belgium, as well as the administration centre of the European Union. The Grand Place is at the centre of Brussels so it could be said to be the centre of Europe. Ornamental Guild Halls that house merchant traders flank the square built since the 17th century.

La Defense, Paris France

La Défense, is the largest purpose built business district in Europe. Situated at the west of Paris, it started in 1958 and now covers 400 acres. There are many sleek office towers and the most iconic is the square cube building called Grande Arche. The great planning of the huge area is such that a continuous plaza is elevated at a high level that roads criss-crosse below freeing the space above for people to walk and enjoy the more than 60 art works sculptures by famous artists.  There are offices (150,000 people work in this area daily), shopping centres and hotels (about 3,000 rooms), and apartments for 20,000 residents. Construction is ever on going including a 93 storey tower to be completed in 2016. This is an impressive area worth a visit.