Chinese New Year Mini Orange Shrub

What to do with your decorative potted orange shrubs after the Chinese New Year ? You don’t have to throw them away, you can harvest the sour fruits, freeze them to use for cooking, e.g. add to your Oven Baked “Fish In a Parcel”, you should then re-pot your shrub and by next season they become “Lime” not Orange ! Good for Mee Siam.

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A New Idea for Gardening- Adopt a Wild Plant

I have noticed how wild plants and weeds spring up by themselves in my planter bed every now and then. Instead of pulling them out as I normally do, I have now decided to pot and group them together. Somehow, they become nice specimens to look at, I don’t have to buy them and they are hardy too! I have now invented a new concept of gardening I call – Adopt a Wild Plant.