Breaking News : Thai Mangoes sell cheaper in Singapore !

One of my favorite fruit is the mango and I buy it regularly in Bangkok whenever I am there. This week I found at FairPrice Supermarket Singapore selling a third the price of Foodland in Bangkok: Singapore 3 pcs S$3.50 (US$ 2.78) in Bangkok only 1 pc cost Baht 85.- The same can be said on Bananas being cheaper in Singapore. Of course, some other things are lower in price in Thailand, stay tuned when I report on Eggs, Colgate, Sunsilk, Canned tuna…….Amazing Thailand and Surprising Singapore.

Sometimes the benefit of frequent flying is not in buying big ticket items but in doing your essential grocery shopping if you fly between Auckland and Queenstown, Melbourne and Perth, Los Angeles and New York, Paris and Corsica……. Do you have a similar experience to share?

Thai Honey Mango

Dole Bananas

Dole Bananas in Singapore S$ 1.72 (US$ 1.37) for bunch of 6.

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