Wagga Wagga NSW Australia

Heading to Canberra, we stopped by Wagga Wagga for lunch.  (This town of 60,000 people is 245 km from Canberra)Wagga Wagga

Narrandera NSW

Every little town has something to be proud of, and in Narrandera they have the biggest playable guitar in Australia, if not in the world !Narrandera Guitar

Are Kangaroos Rodents?

They may look like giant rats, with brownish gray fur and long tails, but kangaroos are definitely not reIated to the rodent family. Kangaroo knocked by vehicle

Cobb Inlander Motel, Hay NSW

83 Lachlan St, Hay NSW 2711, AustraliaCobb Inlander Motel

New Crown Hotel Restaurant, Hay NSW

117 Lachlan Street, Hay NSW 2711, AustraliaSONY DSC

Hay NSW Australia


Sunset over the vast Australian desert plain

Along this stretch of the Sturt Highway in New South Wales, it was flat land as far as the eye can see, and when the sun sets at the infinity of the horizon, it was an amazing sight.Sunset over the Plain