Longford Tasmania

The sun was setting as we drove past the town of Longford on our way to the northwest of Tasmania.Bass Highway

The Berth by the Bay, Sentosa Cove Singapore (Condo for Rent)

The Berth by the Bay, Sentosa Cove Singapore: 120 sqm (1,292 sq ft.) 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, ground floor unit facing canal. Living

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Evandale Tasmania Australia

Evandale is a small town with a population of about 1,000 near Launceston. This historical town is known for its holding the annual World Penny Farthing bicycle Championship event.The Time Taveler Evandale

Highway 1 Tasmania

After passing Oatlands we continued along highway 1, the main North-South route in Tasmania.Highway 1 Tasmania

Ross Tasmania Australia

The town of Ross is about midway from the north to the south of Tasmania, its historic sandstone bridge (Ross Bridge) was built in 1836 by convicts labour.SONY DSC

Oatlands Tasmania Australia

Oatlands is 84km north of Hobart, there is a restored and working windmill in the village. (and watch out for ducks crossing the road.)Oatlands Tasmania

Historical Richmond Tasmania Australia

Richmond is 25km from north from Hobart, the historic town has buildings that are well preserved.The Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge in Australia that is still in use.Richmond Bridge Tasmania