Dyrehaven Deer Park, Vejle Denmark

Denmark in general is topographically a flat land. The Dyrehaven Deer Park, at the city of Vejle in the Horsens municipality of Jutland is where the higher grounds are. (The highest hill in Denmark is Yding Skovhøj, central Jutland at 172m) Admission to the park is free.

Aarhus Denmark

Aarhus is the 2nd largest city in Denmark. We drove pass briefly, but since our plan was to go to Germany in the south, we have to leave this city for a next trip.

Dinner at Sinatur Hotel Sixtus, Middlefart Denmark

The dining room here serves a fixed menu at one sitting, so if you want to have a meal, be sure you make a booking ahead.

H C Andersen’s Childhood House, Odense Denmark

Odense, the 3rd largest city in Denmark (population almost 170,000) is located in Jutland, this fertile area is where most of the  fruits are grown. Hans Christian Andersen’s Childhood house here is a cottage built in 1805 in the then poorer district of the town. Today, this area is a tourist attraction with shops. When we were there, it was a public holiday and all was quiet. (Hans Christian Andersen1805 – 1875)

Burger King Hundige, Denmark

 Hundige StorCenter 20, 2670 Greve, Denmark Phone: 4369 3369 (Over Wave 20, 1 floor, shop 3rd)

A visit inside Frederiksborg Castle- The Museum of National History

The Frederiksborg Castle houses paintings and portraits of Danish history through the ages and the grand halls display period furnitures of that era.Frederiksborg Slot- Det Nationalhistoriske Museum