Monte Urgull, San Sebastian Spain

Monte Urgull This little hill (135m ht) is a prominent sight in San Sebastian. You can take a walk up to a old military fort Castillo de la Mota which now houses military exhibits. An iconic statue of the Jesus Christ visible from afar stands 12.5m tall.

Monte Urgull San Sebastian seen from Paseo de la ChonchaMonte Urgull San Sebastian seen from Playa de la ChonchaMonte Urgull and Isla Santa Clara San Sebastian by nightSacred Heart Statue on Monte Urgull Chapel

12 thoughts on “Monte Urgull, San Sebastian Spain

  1. Those are not shadows, they are pattern of floor tiles. See the pillar on the woman, it hasn’t got that floor pattern and the older couple has shadows to the right. The sun was from the left.

  2. I like the first picture, your timing and angle is perfect, the couple taking their picture framed the statue of Christ on the mountain as is the focal point of your topic, at the same time the older couple walks towards the center. A photo judge would say this is the perfect composition. Bravo!

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